UFO Heat Sealing Iron 110v covering iron


The UFO heat sealing iron features a highly advanced built-in computer controlled temperature maintenance system that gives an incredible accuracy.


  • LED indicators give an accurate display of iron temperature:

Yellow – Iron heating up
Green – Iron at correct temp and ready to use
Red – Desired temp has been reduced and the iron needs to cool down

  • Unique shoe design has a tapered edge allowing the iron to get into tight or awkward corners. Coated shoe glides over all covering films with ease.
  • Very easy to use due to its light weight, balanced design.
  • Computer monitored temperature control ensures the iron temp remains constant throughout all covering applications.


AC Voltage: 200V-240V
Temp Range: 78C-220C
Power Consumption: 165W
Temp Control: Computer Monitored
Thermal Cutout: Automatic shutdown with visible LED indication