Aspect Aviation LLC was formed in 1995 to manufacturer some of my RC Airplane designs. This led to a 200+ piece hardware line and Perma Grit tools distribution. We would enjoy the yearly trek to the “Toledo Show” to sell goods and see all our long distance flying friends.
In 2008 we opened our store “Flightline Hobby”. With the demands of retail, the kits were put on hold. I made many friends at my store and my wife Tracie and I did our best to make the 14 year run a good experience for everyone involved. Our lease was up in December 2021. I decided I wanted to make the next 14 years more creative.
We closed Flightline and are now hard at work growing Aspect Laser which is a part of Aspect Aviation. With our own laser we are back to engineering flying things and doing custom engraving on lots of cool products. I plan on designing many fun, innovative products.
I would like to invite everyone to join Tracie and I at our new website , sign up with your email to be notified of our new products, productions, events and more!
We can’t wait to share our love of flying hobbies and creative pursuits with the world.
Good flights! John & Tracie