Aspect Laser Lil' Bubba 17.75” Span Laser Cut RC Radio-Controlled Balsa Airplane Kit RC-1


Aspect Laser Lil' Bubba 17.75” Span Laser Cut RC Radio-Controlled Balsa Airplane

Kit RC-1

- Full laser cut wood Kit that you build

- Detailed full size plans and instructions

- American Hardware where possible

- Photos of the build are available, many detailed shots, available in the "Media" section of our website.

- The "Small Plane Foam Stand" you see in the one photo is included in the kit. This stand is CNC cut by my friend Scott at Mega Jets.

The Lil Bubba model was originally based on my “Auffangen” design #47 built in 1983. She flew with a Charlie’s RC Goodies G Mark 061 glow engine purchased from Rider’s Hobby Shop in Flint Michigan. My buddy Clayton and I had a blast with these little birds and flew them until they were just oil soaked and worn out. My idea was to design a good flying, small plane that built quickly. The wing is a flat bottom airfoil that builds flat to the plan and the fuselage is built upside down in the same flat fashion. Bubba was a quick build, I could frame one in a day, no problem. My girlfriend Linda (Later wife) would often come along and watch us fly and retrieve the models. We had a lot of fun hanging out and flying RC together. The Lil’ Bubba was a nice size, she would fit in the car with my other models and being one piece and fun to fly so she was used a lot. Lil’ Bubba is a quick but predicable flyer. Later I decided to manufacture a few kits, I revisited her. My beautiful wife Linda loved the small size and christened her the “Lil’ Bubba”. The name stuck. Bubba was revised in 1998 Aircraft #256 she flew with the Russian Norvel .061 RC motor. This was the pre-electric era, later a few were built with Brushless motors by friends and it worked out well. The new 2022 Lil’ Bubba (Aircraft #433) is very close to the 1998 plane except I added a top front magnet hatch to facilitate battery removal and added more laser cut bits. I would suggest a plane or two before this build. She is not a good first plane to fly by any means, building wise you could pull it off but advanced flight skills are required! She is a steady flyer for her size but requires a definite previous flying skill set to fly her. New electric motors and batteries allow for a nice bird like the original. She could still be built as a glow model without too much modification. If you go glow, I would suggest .061 size range engines.

Like my buddy Clayton and I, I hope you have many fun flights with your Lil’ Bubba!

Good Flights! 

John Hoover


While building the model in these instructions I will use and suggest these tools, available from

Good #11 Model Knife

Nice 54T Hobby Saw Excel Hobby Blade Corp - EXL55001

Perma Grit WB-140

Sand Paper 240 and 400 Grit

Enkay #769 12” Metal ruler

“Z” Bend Pliers

1/16 & 3/32” Drill Bits



Aliphatic resin (A) Aspect Aviation C-2

Bob Smith Medium CA (C) BSI107

Bob Smith Thin CA (T) BSI101

Accelerator BSI151

15 minute Epoxy (X) BSI203

Mixing Popsicle Sticks

Hobby Filler Deluxe Materials DLMBD5



Other items needed, some not from us:

Parchment paper; (Better than wax paper) to cover the plans.

Denatured Alcohol

Small tube Vaseline

Small Power Drill


2 – 9 gram servos. 1 servo must have a double arm to operate the torsion bars. Hitec 53 etc. works well.

4 channel plus receiver

Aspect Laser Power Pack PN - PPK-2 Includes tested: Esc and Motor and prop.

850-1000 3S Lipo Battery

Good flights!

John Hoover