Klass Kote - Flattener Additive 1/2 ounce


Klass Kote - Flattener Additive

This is an additive for use with either our Epoxy Paint or our Urethane Clear systems.  It is used to give a "dead flat" dried film look to epoxy, or a “satin-look” to urethane clear.

One half ounce of flattener additive will flatten about 1 to 1.5 quarts of epoxy paint or urethane clear mixture. It can either be added to the epoxy paint mixture of side-A & side-B components (must use Satin Catalyst #463 only, NOT for use with Gloss Catalyst #405)- or straight into the Satin Catalyst #463. For use in the urethane clear coats, add it to your mixture of side-A and side-B components - before you reduce the mixture.

Using more flattener will yield a more flat, more weathered-looking dried film. For epoxy usage it may be required to add some Epoxy Reducer #500 into the mixture, to get to the desired viscosity.