COMING SOON! Aspect Laser Worm Killer 37.75” Span Laser Cut RC Radio-Controlled Balsa Airplane RC-3

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Aspect Laser Worm Killer 37.75” Span Laser Cut RC Radio-Controlled Balsa Airplane


- Full laser cut wood Kit that you build

- Detailed full size plans and instructions

- American Hardware where possible

 The “Worm Killer” was my 1/2A model design intended for friendly combat.  My good friends Tom, Clayton and I all built the same design and then flew them with streamers, dicing away trying to get a "Cut" on your opponents steamer.  A few other folks built them.  Clayton had the idea originally for us to all build the same plane so it was more pilot skill than the design and we would do some combat.  We built 3 originally and had a lot of fun chasing each other around.  Turned out it was pretty difficult to cut the streamers but we did on occasion.  We did most of our combat flying at the Hilltopper’s field in Davison.  We were Surprised that we had no mid airs but we were somewhat careful.  Early on I had 3 cuts in a row on my friends in one flight so we thought that this streamer cutting would be the norm.  Then we went many flights with no cuts.  I finally managed a few more and became the first “Ace” to have five cuts in our group.  

The original used the trusty Cox 1/2A motors.  The new kit version is being designed around an Outrunner motor PPK2 system but you could still easily make a .049 Glow coversion.  The new version of the plane is pretty stock compared to the original externally with the exception of a bolt on wing, bottom hatch and the nose had been shaped a bit.  The basic fun has come through.  This is an excellent first model to build if you have no building experience. In the 70's Some modelers added a rib bay at the tip on the original to calm her down.  The new Worm Killer is based on this longer wing.  You could remove a bay if you want a quicker version.